I Tell You It Ain’t No Bagpipe: Vance & Hines Pipes Upgrade – My Story

Let me tell you it aint no bagpipe

Well it has been 2 years now since I purchased my shiny new XLC1200 Sportster, and my intentions were always to do some modification work on it, like everyone I guess, however when you start getting down to business modifying a Harley, it can be expensive exercise, so what was it that I wanted to modify?

First of all I had my sights set on chrome footpegs, grips, and some new shiny pipes that rendered the sound that I have always associated with a Harley Davidson,  “WHY DIDN’T I DO IT WHEN I BOUGHT THE SUKKER” I exclaimed when I tried to justify the $2000.00 budget to my wife (and this was just the pipes) so I wasn’t surprised at my wives answer a big NO, so two years running on standard pipes that my wife said sounded like a VW beetle, and other members said sounded like a sewing machine, when I pumped the accelerator when idling at the lights.

What to do??

Well I started out small, a badge here, a new cover there, and a bit more time goes by.  “What about the internet” surely I can do it cheaper that way?  I have heard many a story of how ones have done all their mods by searching on then internet, great if you have a softail, fatboy and the likes, but not much in the way of sportster bits are available, but I was determined to do what I wanted and not break the budget.

I started to get parts together, thanks to Tas, I managed to get a second hand heavy breather from one of his friends, these things are worth $500 approx but with my deal I managed one for $250 = Saving of around $250.00 ,  then a little later with the AU dollar doing so well the boys at MCA at Bankstown did me a great deal for a set of narly Vance & Hines Chrome short shots staggered, and a Daytona Twintech race tuner for $811.00 = Saving of  approx $400.00.

Stocked up on all my equipment, I bundled my bike and my goodies off to Loaded motorcycles for the upgrade,  cost= $260.00. (not sure if the saving here, but I thought it was a good price)

The result !

My wife took me to pick up my baby, and after moving a few bikes out of the way ,  Dean wheeled it out in the open, man what a difference,

( for a little background, Dean had rang me earlier to tell me she was ready to pick up, and I asked him how it sounded, he had one word “LOUD” “Man she is loud”)

He now told me to crank it over,  when I did I was delighted at the crack and burble, the illusive sound I have been chasing over the past two years, I looked over at my wife, she stood motionless, and looked white as a ghost and the only thing she had to say was “NO WAY” poor old Dean back peddled, “it’s ok we can get baffles for it “ he came back so quick it was like he had practiced it all day, all I could do is smirk, and giggle, now my baby had become a monster.

By the way she has got used to it now, I have asked how it sounds as I compare to all the Harleys that race passed our unit, she loves the sound but tells me mine just sound a little more “farty” (gotta love her) however she tells me to wheel it up the driveway before I start her, I just say Yes Dear, then crank away, that will teach my noisy neighbours .

The total saving if I take the quote given to me by the dealer would be at least  $800.00, so if you want to you can modify your Harley on a budget, you just have to be patient.

P.S.  I have had a couple of nervous moments, when pulling up near police, but they seemed to be oblivious, so I burble away as quiet as I can until I can’t see them then let her fly, what a magnificent sound we can get out of our rides.

Moral – The moral of this is,  don’t let the standard pipes and the wife stop you, get your gear on and let your baby breath a little.

Before:                                                                                                After:      

See the video


Keep Customizing


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