Harley Davidson 1200XL Sportster – 2 Years on

Hello readers,

Well it has been 2 years since I purchased my shiny new 2009 XLC 1200 Sportster,  and I thought I should write a post on what I now think 2 years and 16,000 kms on.

I have not been disappointed I can tell you that, however one thing has emerged from 2 years of riding through rough terrain, being caught in deluges, being led through bull dust (very very very fine dust),  and that is being a very proud owner, the effort to keep the shiny black beast with all its chrome clean has been a true labour of love which I know any Harley owner would understand.

Does the bike have any cons?  Unfortunately no bike will ever be perfect, and I need to present a totally unbiased opinion for it to be worth anything, so here are my findings:

1) Suspension — Now you would think that if you spend $20k (yes thats what we pay in Australia) on a motorbike, you would think the manufacturer would at least give you decent suspension, but unfortunately the XLC (top of the line) Sportster has in my opinion inferior suspension, with it going to cost me around $1000.00 AU to fix it. Now a lot of people will tell you that Harley’s are not suppose to handle well, not true even with it’s inferior suspension surprisingly enough it handles ok,  but get around the tight stuff and thats where the upgrades would come in handy.

2) Power — Whilst there is enough power to get you in trouble I would love to see the sportster with a couple of upgrades, suspension and a few more horses out of the stock 1200.  Again to fix this I am looking at another $2000 AU to get 10 more HP (Heavy Breather, Pipes, race tuner).  The problem is not mechanical sometimes, but for 1200 cc I pay $100.00 more on rego because of the engine size, so would love the BHP to match it, but anyway it can be fixed which is a good thing (just need to rob a bank to do it)

What about the pro’s :

Well with a few small con’s the 1200XLC delivers to the owner a beautifully looking bike, and despite some horror stories I have heard, it runs smooth, and delivers what you want when you ask it to. The 2009 XLC in my opinion is a much nicer bike that the 2011 model, I like the thin tyre on the front and thicker trye on the back, and the finishes on the tank are much better over the 2011 model.  It is interesting to note that the majority of people do not know what model it is , as they expect to se the peanut tank from yesteryear, and quite promptly state it doesn’t look like “that” sportster (Nightster) which sports the old school tank.

All in all I love my bike which I affectionately call “Abbey” I can’t see it ever been sold, and hopefully my sons will have just as much fun riding her as I have had to this point.

Happy riding and “Stay Upright”

~ by danielromaine on April 30, 2011.

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