Air-Bag Vest & Jackets Are They Worth It?

Hi all,

It seems that motorists are still not getting the message to watch out for us motorcyclists on the road, and further to this there seems to be a growing mentality that protective gear, or clothing is only for the wimps out there.

Now I am not sure where this is coming from, maybe those people that have been riding scooters for some time in skirts and thongs, and now have migrated to a full blown motorcycle and think that clothing like that will be protective enough.

The cold hard truth is that if you come any motorized bike, be it a scooter or Harley at even 40 kph with only a T-Shirt and Thongs, it is like putting a grinder on to your flesh.

So what do you think?  Do you think that if a truck hits you from the side or from the back, or if you drop your bike at 60 that wearing protective clothing wont make a difference?   If you think it wont, your an idiot…  anything that sits between you and the road (protective equipment)or another vehicle increases your chance at minimizing injury.

There has been a product introduced onto the market that has been developed to improve a motorcyclists chances when being separated from your motorcycle, they are called Air-Bag Jackets and vests.  Now there are a few different makes and models available with different methods of deployment, but all of these brands offer something that no body armor out there offers, “neck protection”.   The most feared injury any motorcyclists fears is that of spine damage, now none of the manufacturers out there guarantee that you will never have spinal injury or major injury if you use their product, but like i said before, anything that puts a barrier between you and the road or object will minimize any damage that may occur.

Below is a link to a couple of videos showing how these jackets and vest work.  Note how the neck is put in a splinted position when inflated.  This could be the difference from you being able to walk or not. Check them out

Now these are only two makes, Dainese & Hit Air, there are other makes that use pretty much the same system. The Dainese uses sensor technology and are at the top of the market price wise with a vest being around the $400 mark.  The Hit Air uses a tether system, and are cheaper, but just as effective.

I first saw one on a ride with our HOG chapter, and was very intrigued by them, thus the research I have done thus far. I have also gone one step further and have purchased a Hit Air vest like the one below to add to my protective equipment.

So if you have any stories to inform us of how they work in a real life situation I would love to hear from you, and so would my readers.

I am reserving my final comments when it has to be used (which i hope never happens) but i am going to do what i can to make sure i am as protected as i can without compromising riding comfort and flexibility .  And remember


Ride Safe…

~ by danielromaine on January 19, 2011.

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