Road Rage ( No wonder)

Just a quick flurry from my winge section, well it is not really a winge more than a shout at all those idiotic drivers out there over the holiday period.

I found myself beeing beeped by three people on one day, you may ask why, what is it that incurred the wrath of the motorist behind me, well let me tell you one of the three stories and another incident, that reinforce the need for care over the holiday season.

Here I was keeping in mind that the holiday period sees the highest death toll on the road, and also that the police are out in force, and particularly the fact that double demerit points are in place, so here i am driving on the left lane with speed control on, and might i add driving to the posted speed limits.

This guy in a beat up Hyundai comes speeding up behind me and sits inches from my bumper, strange you may say especially for the fact that the right lane was free for him to overtake, anyway, he stays behind me at the same distance, and I am quietly frustrasted, I turn the corner, he follows, again the right lane is free and I stay in the left to allow him to pass.

As I look in the rear vision mirror, he seems agitated, and again I am at a loss why, as he has ample opportunity to pass me, any way we come up to some pretty heavy traffic on a notorious road for pedestrian to car accidents, so i slow a little, not much 5 kms, but in any case the traffic is banked up anyway, so i slow up behind the traffic and leave around a half a car length in front, well did this freak the driver out behind me, he starts beeping at me, now I notice there is a side street that he may want to get into, so i move up so he can, but again to my frustration he stays behind me and keeps beeping.

Now to let you in on a small secret, i have never been tempted to get out of my car EVER to deal with morons like this, but the preceding happenings nearly got me out of my car, I signaled in my frustration to the guy “where do you want me to go??” the traffic was banked up for half a kilometer. This MORON was frustrated because I left a half a car gap, can you believe it??? What is going through peoples minds, if i did not have my kids in the car i would have become one of those road rage statistics, cause I would have belted the guy.

The other incident happened on the F3 Freeway on my way up to Newcastle for work.  You often wonder why people come to grief on such open roads, well this story will have anyone banging their head against a brick wall in disbelief at how stupid people are, and how adults also can show no common sense.

So to keep this one short, here I was again cruise control on doing 110 in the left lane, and in the distance I detect a slower driver, so I wait a little before deciding wether i will pass or not , but in a blink of an eye i am up his bum, this guy is doing 55kms in a 110k zone, with two foam mattresses flimsily hockey strapped to his roof racks (probably the reason for his speed) but now judgment in this situation is the difference between life or death, cause if i had not taken the time to look i would have been pulverized by a semi trailer hammering in the next lane. Now remember this all happens in split seconds, so pretty hard for me to emphasize my feelings.

Apart from the frustration and absolute disbelief at the Moron in front of me, and the driver of the truck clearly NOT doing the speed limit, can you imagine if I was on my Harley, and I made a split second decision to pull out to overtake???  I would be a goner, even in the car i would not have had much chance. Again take in the whole picture, even if I was the truck driver I could have seen the slow driver, as he came up pretty quickly, so FREEKING SLOW DOWN…….  Don’t add to the MORONS out there on our roads

If you are on the road please look at the BIG PICTURE and don’t take frustrations out on the guy in front of you, cause he may not be able to fix the problem, because push someone too far like this guy did to me, and you might find yourself in hospital. Or worst still you may never see your family again.  I dont know about you but getting home late, is far better than not making it at all.

Everyone this holiday season TAKE A CHILL PILL.

~ by danielromaine on December 26, 2010.

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