Ride For Life – Learn For Life

I have heard over the past year about riding safe and the importance of riding defensively, which as a motorcyclist is of paramount importance, as we all know that riding can be very dangerous, however what happens in the event that something does go south whilst out riding with our mates or our club?

We don’t like to think about it, in fact most of us don’t even like entertaining the idea that something horrific will happen out on a ride, however the fact of the matter is that it does happen and most probably will happen some day, the question is with all the precautions we take as a rider , are we equipped to handle a situation where a mate, or club member is in need of urgent medical care?

The answer alarmingly is NO.  Most riders wouldn’t know what to do in the event of an accident, yes we may think we do, but it is amazing out of the guys I have spoken to who said they would know what to do, how many would cause further injury, by the first aid plan they suggested. It is even more alarming how many riders will go on a long ride day and not even have basic First Aid equipment.

We would not think of spending our hard earned cash on an accessory or custom part for our rides yet , refuse to fork out $50.00 for at least a minimal First Aid pack to take with us, or even $200 to do a first aid course that could in the event of one of our mates having an accident not only save their life but also may save their quality of life, by preventing any precursor to a spinal injury.

As a First Aid trainer , I have come across a terrifying fact – Most people will remove a helmet of a motorcyclist in the event of a crash!!!  What would you do?

It should be the responsibility of every person on two wheels to know what to do in these situations, you can not sit back and expect your road captains or someone else to take responsibility when something goes south on a ride.  The fact is that we all would hope our mates would act in knowledge if we were to come off and would know how to handle us in any situation that may arise, unfortunately the statistic of how many people actually know first aid is not good.

Most alarmingly is how little time we have before brain damage occurs, or how long it takes to bleed out in the event of a major bleed, a simple first aid course and some basic First Aid supplies can help prevent this from happening.

The question is are YOU willing to step up and take the necessary steps to prevent your mate, or club member in the event of an accident?  I am sure we all would say yes, well if you do, then get into a First Aid course, and buy yourself a First Aid kit for your panniers or back pack. If everyone did this we would know when we ride, that in the event of an accident we will be well cared for and also could render assistance to others in trouble.

In Australia you can sign up for First Aid courses very easily , send me a message or visit one of Australias leading First Aid providers and book in for a course

Safe Riding All


~ by danielromaine on March 12, 2010.

One Response to “Ride For Life – Learn For Life”

  1. Sounds like good sense – being prepared for the unexpected – if that’s not a contradiction in terms!
    I did a first aid course about 12 years ago and was so impressed with course and skills learnt that I belive EVERYONE should have basic first aid skills, and should be mandatory for all people in control of a vehicle, not just bikes. In fact it shoule be a pre- requisite to obtaining a license of any description. In all workplaces is mandatory to have an accredited first aider on site, why not at home, on a ride, at the beach. Why leave it to a select few to carry the burden?
    A family friend recently completed a course – in fact was half way through – when her baby was found unconcious in the cot.Having just learnt CPR she was able to administer CPR untilthe ambos arrived.That baby is alive today because of her efforts. if Mr Rudd belives the “3 R’s” are essential knowledge, surely life saving skills are up there as well.

    Rod Hucker

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