Road Rage ( No wonder)

In this day and age where the economy is struggling to grow
which increases pressure to make sales that keeps your business
afloat, you would think that businesses would get back to basics,
like building rapport with their customers and offering standout
service, which encourages their customers to come back time and
time again, well think again…. I hear shop owners winging about
internet shopping and how it is doing them out of sales, well I
have one thing to say to you, wake up you lazy bunch of morons. The
reason that internet shopping is so popular is that people out
there are sick and tired of the lame service they get when trying
to buy something. For example I went searching in my area for a
holder for my rego sticker, now I own a Harley Davidson, so I was
looking for something a little nicer than a plastic container for
it, do you think in the three motorbike shops I visited in a 1 hour
period were of any help? NO. I struggled to even get someone to
serve me let alone expect they might go one step further than
showing me what they had in their pathetic array of motorcycle
accessories. The attitude is astounding, it’s like they don’t care
if you don’t buy anything or if you do. And the advice!!!! One lady
behind the counter said (after I said I would like something that
had some chrome on it or brushed steel look) “Just take the rego
tube and spray paint the ends silver” mind you these are rubber
ends. Sorry I do not own a $6000.00 Hyosung were you might get away
with that, It made me want to puke, so I hightailed it out of
there. The point I am making is that I am sure like me, all
motorcyclist want to be able to deal with a local dealer/motorcycle
shop where we find friendly diligent people that will go that extra
mile to satisfy their customers needs, and if they don’t have it on
the shelf, would have a deeper knowledge of their market and be
able to say “I don’t have it but I can get it for you” without
having to wait 6 weeks before it arrives. The truth of the matter
is , I spent 6 min on the internet and found exactly what I wanted,
and it was in the post to me 4 days later, and this came from the
US. That to me shows how lame these stores are. So guys pick up
your game, and stop winging why you are going out of business. If
you want people to come back time and time again, then you have to
work for the loyalty, and if you don’t then you will become a
statistic like everyone else. Anyway that’s my winge, and I would
love to hear what other people think.

~ by danielromaine on March 6, 2010.

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