2010 Harley Davidson Ride Review

October 22, 2009 will be a day to mark in my unwritten biography as the day I went to heaven. No, I didn’t have an out of body experience, or come back from the dead, but I did turn up for the test ride at our local dealer to put through the 2010 Harleys through their paces. After the announcement at the chapter meeting last month I put my name down to ride my dream bike the Fatboy, which was the very first Harley I had experienced. It was at that point my love of Harleys started, so being able to take another one of these iconic bikes for a test ride was too good to pass up.

When I arrived I was met with a smorgasbord of 2010 models all lined up and just waiting to be ridden. After being marked off and sent to our bikes, I walked up to the Fat Boy Low and threw my leg over. Being true to its name it was indeed very low, and felt smaller than I had expected, and much wider than my current ride the 1200 custom Sportster. It was very comfy, apart from the fact that my leg rested on the primary drive housing, which is much bulkier than the sporty. I fired her up and joined the group and set off for our ride. I must admit at the start it was a bit uncomfortable, especially in traffic, trying to straddle that lump on the left hand side and trying to come to terms with the footboards, but I soon was able to get around that. The clutch was much lighter than the clutch on my sporty so made the stop-go traffic riding easier. After getting a chance to open her up I now understand why this bike is one of Harleys best selling models. With the standard pipes on it was very quiet and the power comes on smoothly which was a real change from the twitchiness of the sporty (which I can be quite fun). So after coming back to the dealership I was ecstatic that I’d had another go on the bike of my dreams, but I was in for a surprise.

My second ride was on a Softail Rocker, which I swapped over at the first chance when we stopped at La Perouse for a VROD-Night Rod Special, all I can say is YEEEEEEEEHAAAAA , now that is a bike. It was so good to ride I didn’t want the ride to end, I had a smile for ear to ear, so much that one member commented that I must have loved it because of my. The VROD clearly comes from different stock than the other Harleys, but it, was amazing to ride. For such a heavy bike it had virtually endless power and the acceleration was exhilarating. There maybe some bikes faster than it, but they would not deliver the goose pimple feeling I experienced, very similar to when I rode the Buell CR (but even better). My Heavenly experience didn’t end there, expecting to go home at this point, I was asked if I wanted to go on another bike for the last ride, and you don’t have to ask me twice. So I climbed aboard an Ultra and off I went again. I have to say I am impressed with the power that such a big bike has, it was like riding off into the sunset on my lounge with a rocket attached (stereo included). After surveying all the buttons, switches and gauges, I found the radio and cranked it up, amazing is all I can say. This thing needs a university degree just to run it, but I found my way around even getting a chance to try out the cruise control (hey Harley I want cruise control on my sporty, it is awesome). I wasn’t the only one eyeing off the Ultra with a change of bike negotiated at the halfway point which had me traveling back on a Heritage Softail, nice bike but for me I longed for the Ultra as I watched it from the back all the way to the dealers. The ride was a real eye opener, I loved the Fatboy, but if I were to tell you where my passion lay it was with the VROD and the Ultra. The Rocker doesn’t rate a mention for me because this is a bigot of a bike as it snobs its nose at the short legged variety of man (like me), it is a tall mans bike, so I wouldn’t want one. The Ultra and the VROD were hard to separate if I had my way I would have both in the garage, one for the fun and frivolity the other as a serious long distance cruiser, with all the comforts of home. They say all good things come to an end, but do they? It would be if I had to get into a car that night, but no, I cranked up my very much loved sporty and headed home. Whether it be a Fatboy, VROD, Ultra or my Sporty it is a Harley Davidson,

Heaven on Earth.

~ by danielromaine on November 23, 2009.

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