Heartbroken – The Buell disappointment

Thanks to our local Harley Dealer (Trivetts) on Thursday we were able to test ride the 2010 bikes, which had me switching between Ultras, VRODS, Fatboy, Rocker and Heritage Softail (more on these in a later article), in the process i was alerted to the fact that Buell will be dropped from Harleys lineup.

As you know just recently I was able to take the Buell’s for a test ride, and fell in love, now this boy is heartbroken. Harley says they want to go back to their grass roots, which is fine, but what about the Buell fanatics out there? Harley, I am sorry but as good as the VROD is, it is not a sport bike, and as exhilarating it is to ride, it does not bring the goose bumps on like the Buell CR. I understand that financially it may not be viable, especially in this climate, but i have to say i am disappointed, heartbroken even, as i am sure the Buell fanatics out there are as well.

Anyway thats how I feel, and i would love to hear what you think as well, so post some comments so everyone can see.

~ by danielromaine on October 24, 2009.

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