Are We Our Own Worst Enemy?

It has dawned on me over the past few months watching fellow motorcyclists in traffic that maybe the accidents incurred are not as much other motorists fault than that of our own.

Whilst riding motorcycles gives us a new lease on freedom, it does not mitigate the fact we should obey the rules of the road like every other motorist, I have noticed on many occasions riders lane splitting, riding up the breakdown lane, weaving in and out of traffic like they are invincible. don’t get me wrong during traffic jams the best thing to be on is a like, but riding like idiots does nothing to make car drivers any happier with us on bikes.

Then we hear of riders going down in traffic, being killed on roads, and most of these are due to rider error. for example I witnessed a bike scoot out to the left had breakdown lane to move ahead of some banked up traffic, only to come to grief when a car pulled left to merge after the breakdown lane had finished. Who’s fault? hate to say it but it was the motorbikes fault, we can not expect cars to see us in these situations, they expect to see us behind or overtaking on the right (depending where you live of course). To hammer home the point, i rode with a group of friends on various bikes and traveling on the highway, they were everywhere one minute they are behind you, then you loose them and immediately they are up beside you on either side, the point is if a motorcyclist cant see another motorcyclist, then we are in real trouble.

Riding on the other hand with a HOG chapter, may not be the helter skelter ride some are use to , but at least it is organized and due to staggered formations you know exactly where every one is, it is safer and leans toward a happier day out.

All motorcyclist enjoy riding, and so we should, but make life easier on all of us and show some respect on the road, to motorists and other riders, the small things count for a lot, will keep you safer, improve relations with car drivers, and keep the death toll down

Ride Safely

~ by danielromaine on August 31, 2009.

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