Women On Harley’s- Is It right?

Harley’s for a long time were the domain of the rebel male, these days though a large group of women over the world are climbing aboard this iconic label. So the question is should Women ride Harley’s and will the male populous accept them?

This may seem like a very controversial question, but actually it is a question that some women I know have actually raised, not so much the men. I have to assure everyone including the women, that I have ridden with women that will ride the pants off me, in fact in our chapter we have several women that ride, one holding down the role of road captain.

The fact of the matter is that times are a changing, and women want to be part of the harley tradition, and it gives them the same buzz as it does for us. Whilst the HOG entity has made a division called LOH (ladies of Harley) the ladies love riding with the boys, and it does make for great variety like a few roses amongst a lot of thorns as it were.

if you are a women that wants to make the change to the Harley club, don’t hesitate, if you find some giving you a hard time, tell them to wake up to themselves, as the majority will welcome you with open arms, check out the videos below, as they really show that women like us blokes love the Harley tradition, and love being part of it.

I say join us all you lades and lets ride (cause thats all it about)

Happy Riding.

~ by danielromaine on August 20, 2009.

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