DE-MIST (ifying) A Big Problem

How many times have you started out on a ride donned your favorite jacket, slipped on your riding gear, masked up then put your glasses on and in an instant you would swear you have just walked into a blizzard? The unfortunate truth about using an open face helmet is that on longer rides or in winter time a mask is a must, but it causes problems with the fogging of our glasses or goggles. I got pretty sick and tired of this fact, whilst the problem disappears when riding, we inevitably have to stop at lights, crossings etc, and the second you stop, well HELLO its snowing again!!

So how do i fix it? I tried using some shaving cream, as this seems to work on the mirror at home, but no that didn’t work, so off I went searching for a suitable anti-fog solution. There are a lot of products on the market, and I tried a few different ones available in our current market, but disappointment seems to go hand in hand with anti-fog treatments, now what to do? Time to consult the mighty wisdom of the INTERNET. After searching for some time I came across a product called Salclear, only problem was the company was in the UK, so I contacted them to see how I could get my hands on their product. After a couple of emails Salclear sent me a couple of samples for me to try, the first day I used it, It was a very cold morning, so this was going to be a good day to test their product called Salclear TT which is a cleaner and an anti-Fog solution, I followed the directions and geared up, put my mask and helmet on then the moment of truth, will Salclear enable me to sit on my bike while warming it up with my glasses on?

The answer to the above question is a resounding YES i did not have remove my glasses for my entire ride, making a beautiful ride that day even better. Since that first test I have a number of rides in some verying conditions and Salclear has been a real god send, so like many people who have come across products that actually work I asked if I could distribute Salclear’s range of products, and I am happy to say that I now can pass on this brilliant product to all who are experiencing the problem of fogging eye ware.

Keep you eye peeled as over the nexts couple of weeks I will publish a couple of Videos showing some real time testing of Salclear so you can see for yourself.

See our un-edited video of how god this product really is

For more information on the Salclear Range you can go to

Happy Journeys

~ by danielromaine on July 30, 2009.

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