It’s All About The Pipes

One thing I find is highly revered by all Harley riders is the ability to make as much noise as possible. When talking to riders about their latest pipe modification there is a lot of talk about the ‘power gains’, ‘torque curves’ and ‘available horsepower’ but not many admit they have had the work done purely to hear that Harley rumble. While I have not jumped on the noisy band-wagon as yet with my stock Sportster Custom, I am becoming very tempted by the thought of making my ride slightly louder.

The buzz we all get when riding with the pack, especially when everyone takes off from the lights or thunders through a long tunnel is just breathtaking, and the reaction it draws from onlookers can be diverse. I’m sure even the ‘knockers’ who might mutter about the volume, are deep inside drawn to the thunderous applause of all the bikes as they ride past , I can’t even imagine what the big US rallies such as Sturgis would sound like, with thousands of exhaust notes from the harsh bark of drag pipes to the rumble of standard slip-ons mingling into one. For me it is just unimaginable (just another milestone to work toward) , it would be like going to heaven. Just the other week I took my son for a ride down to our local beach. While I was waiting for him to jump on I spied a young couple on the other side of the road, the husband pushing the pram casting a keen eye on us and not moving his stare as we burbled away.

The roar of a Harley is what people expect and listen for, and although it may upset some, I believe the majority (if they are honest with themselves) love the distinct roar of the Harley’s V-Twin, as we riders all do.

Recently when I was visiting my local chopper shop a guy pulled up on a custom Softail, pulled off his helmet, then proceeded to pull out his ear plugs. He told us about how he loves his new pipes, but after a long ride on the weekend his ears were still ringing. “So,are you going to change them?” we asked. The response was what I had expected:

“No Chance.”

So you see when it comes to Harley owners we just can’t get over the old adage of size does matter, or in this case loudness does matter, so stop saying you do it to ‘get more power’ and just admit you like making noise.

Safe Riding to all..

~ by danielromaine on July 21, 2009.

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