My Winge – What Are You?

Biker: A person whose lifestyle is centered on motorcycles, may be a member of an outlaw motorcycle club; A person who rides a bicycle

Motorcyclist: a traveler who rides a motorcycle

Bikie: A motorcyclist, with connotations of gang affiliation; A biker

What are you?

The debate roars over what category we as riders of anything with two wheels and a motor fit into. If you have a look at the definitions above there is one thing in common, every category rides, yes you got it Motorbikes.

I read an article where one guy mentioned the difference that made him a biker (not a bikie) but also not a Motorcyclist, thank goodness for the balance of the editor to make clear that anyone who shares love of riding is a Motorcyclist (even a scooter rider)

There has been so much written lately where some people are trying to put demarcation between those of us who ride daily and those who ride purely for leisure, so be it on the weekends or for special events etc. When will such so called hardcore riders get it into their wind bashed thick skulls that everyone who shares the passion of getting out on a motorbike should be applauded for doing so, just because you choose to ride every day , every minute of the day doesn’t make you any more an enthusiast than the weekend warriors.

The fact of the matter is some of us can not ride as much as we would like due to one thing or another, but this does not make us less enthusiastic than you. Whether you belong to a club, or are just a lone bike rider who loves nothing more than to spend time bashing the black stuff when ever you can, we are all motorcyclists, if you want to start making demarcations then you probably would be better off driving a car all the time.

So the long and the short of It is this –

Whether you are a Bikie a Biker or a Motorcyclist, we share one thing in common “Motorbikes” and the love of riding them, we should be banding together not putting lines in the sand when it comes to our passion for riding, so next time you pass a fellow rider give him/her a nod for keeping the riding dream alive.

Happy Journeys

~ by danielromaine on July 6, 2009.

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