Word’s of Wisdom

Ever started out on a ride with the sun shining, the birds singing, and the wife happy for you to go out for the day with the boys. Then halfway through your ride it all turns pair shape and the heavens get ugly when you hit the highway. It always seems to happen to me so before you contemplate a ride read the below pointers.

1) You will get rained on
2) If you wash your bike you will get rained on
3) If you don’t wear rain proof clothing you will get rained on
4) If you wear an open face helmet you will get rained on
5) If you set out on a sunny day and don’t have weather proof clothing you will get rained on
6) Pretty much if you are not prepared you will get rained on

The fact of the matter is summed up in an old saying “chance favours the prepared” and we all know we take a chance when we go for a ride that weather could get ugly, and to be frank with you bikers of all descriptions are subject to that fact when it comes to weather, we just do not know what will happen.

So instead of getting wringing wet, ride prepared, and whilst we can not always be prepare for every situation, we can at least ride with reasonable comfort and enjoy our ride in the varying conditions we may come across.

Happy journeys.

Hope it never get’s this bad LOL


~ by danielromaine on June 18, 2009.

One Response to “Word’s of Wisdom”

  1. I see you found my bike!!!! at the bottom of the deep blue sea.
    All the rest is jargon if you don’t own a bike now. I still laughed though.

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