My Winge

Have you ever noticed that motorists are blind? Yes it’s true… I think we all know after riding motorcycles for many years that motorists do not show due care on the road, when it comes to motorcycles or to each other for that matter.

I have seen a couple of accidents in the last few weeks were cars seem to think that a roundabout means that you approach at speed and then try to get through as fast as possible, one poor scooter rider ended up on her back as she carefully was going through a roundabout and a motorist paying no attention just charged through, knocking her for a six.

I myself have encountered motorists trying to squeeze themselves through the roundabout as i am on it, WHAT don’t you know I have as much right to the road as you??? I think most will agree that learning to ride, and encountering the idiocy of motorist like this actually makes us better drivers, so why not make it mandatory that everyone should learn on two wheels first, or maybe they should have driver courses like they do for motorcyclist.

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander i say..

~ by danielromaine on June 12, 2009.

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