Will The Chopper Craze End?

I was reading a short article in Heavy Duty Mag (my dreaming mag) which talked about the onset of production style choppers from Hondas garage, i was a little bit bemused and frustrated while a writer and evident lover of choppers has pretty much given up the ghost, indicating that this style of production will kill the craze of Chopper Building.

Friend if you ever read this blog (which i hope you do) never give up!!!! the thing that these manufacturers do not get is the culture behind Chopper building and love of the Harley Davidson. How many Japanese manufacturers have tried to bring to the market Ferrari and Porche killers? Now whilst they may be winning in getting a fast car to someone that can’t afford a ferrari, Porch and Ferrari still continue to manufacture and inspire the world with their exotic and beautiful cars.

Same goes with the mighty chopper. I can’t afford one but i will never buy a Jap bike to fake having one (which is why people buy them).
Also I have not seen yet a Japanese manufacturer of anything promote a community atmosphere like Harley Davidson does. Point in question, when I purchased my shiny inexpensive Sportster XL 1200 Custom, I automatically was given a HOG membership for one year, with a little nervousness I went to my first monthly chapter meeting to see what it was all about, I was pleasantly surprised, but what was more interesting than the stories of last weeks ride, or the plethora of custom and standard Harley’s that rocked up, was where the club house is “THE DEALERSHIP, which Jap dealer could you just rock up to have a chat and get a coffee without them trying to sell something to you?

The fact is the Chopper Craze will only die when people loose their love of them, which i can not see happening. So what if there are Jap look alikes, the fact is they have been making look alikes for years, and what has happened, well for another year Harley is beating them in Motorcycle sales yet again (another stat i fount in the HD mag). so like my blog states Harley Owners Unite!!! Go the HOG ! and anything associated with it.

~ by danielromaine on May 29, 2009.

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