Harley Owners Unite!!

Here’s the thing, If you want a bike that goes like a Harley, sounds like a Harley, looks like a Harley, you don’t buy a Jap bike. I have got to be honest, i don’t mind the old rice burners, and have owned a couple myself, but when it comes to the classic cruiser, why would you buy anything else but a Harley?? 

If my idea of riding was to go helter skelter on the windy stuff, holding onto the last inch of life, whilst watching the bitchumen looming in my visor, then i would get my bum in the seat of an Buell, R1 or the insane Vmax or B-King.

But all things being as they are, and looking back at the first time I went for a bone shaking ride on my neighbors tricked up Fat Boy, my love affair with the old HOG finally came to fruition at the start of the year.  Now whilst I couldn’t afford the  likes of a Dyna or Rocker, I opted for the more cost effective , but very impressive XL 1200 Sportster Custom, and came across an interesting thing, i could not find a definitive review on them.

So with some co-operation from our local Harley dealers, i will write some reviews on Harleys complete range,  so if anyone out there need to know something about a particular bike it will be there.

I also put the challenge out to the Harley Dealers out there to give me a hand.  (Australia based) unless you want to fly me to USA to do some testing,  lol.

So keep your eyes peeled, for the first review on the Sportster XL 1200 Custom.


~ by danielromaine on May 29, 2009.

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